Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mountain Images and More

The following writing and commentary by Gordon Taylor appeared at Progressive Historians. Listed by most recent first. Click on titles to read.

A Boy and His Arm II
Continues the story of Cuneyt Ertus, the boy in Hakkari whose torture by police was caught on video and broadcast over the Internet.

Anatolia Revisited
A collection of items describing the current state of war in Turkish Kurdistan.

Mountain Boy
Halil Uysal: photographer, filmmaker, guerrilla. Rest in peace.

A Boy and His Arm
The case of Cuneyt Ertus.

Another Day at the Office
More about police thuggery during Newroz 2008

A Day at the Office
Police brutality in Hakkari caught on camera.

The Red Arrow
Comments about the River Tigris.

Enemies Wanted: Inquire Within
Turkey's unique brand of paranoid nationalism.

Twenty-six Below
February 2008: Turkey's ground offensive against the PKK.

Updates from the Battle
Just what it says: dispatches from Turkey's Feb 2008 offensive.

Today the Struggle
February 2008: Turkish Army makes a move into Iraq.

Philippe Dudoit: Photos from the Ravines
A French photographer captures unique images of PKK guerrillas.

Riding the High Horse
Barham Salih, Kurdish-American, comments on Turkish nationalism.

Paranoia Inc.
Who else? Turkish etatists and their delusions.

The Twenty Million-Dollar Sheep Hunt
The Turkish Air Force hunts Kurds, and kills sheep instead.

Merry Christmas
News of the season from a snowbound place.

The Genuine Article
Noah's Ark: the "real one" and the fake.

La Gioconda Perduta
The death of Aynur Evin and its possible meaning.

Alice in Turkeyland
Living a lie in Turkey.

"Babes in Kurdland"
Images of women among the PKK guerrillas.

The Back of Beyond: Mountain Images 8
Photos taken by PKK guerrillas, notably Halil Uysal (see "Mountain Boy").

The Return of the Karduchoi
Mysterious artifacts recorded by guerrillas.

Turkish Army Captives
Images of Turkish soldiers taken captive by PKK: October 2008.

The Friends of Aynur: Mt. Images 4
The world of PKK guerrillas, focusing on people.

Oramar: Mt. Images 3
A clash in the Hakkari mountain village of Oramar; captives taken.

More Moonlight
More about Aynur, the Kurdish female guerrilla, and her friends.

Moonlight in the Mountains
A look at a guerrilla, her equipment, and her motivation.


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